TDI Compliance Cloud

A Best-in-Class Technology Platform Supporting the Compliance Lifecycle

Rather than managing risk through emails, faxes, spreadsheets, and handwritten due diligence questionnaires, we offer the TDI Compliance Cloud, an end-to-end workflow management platform that automates the third party on-boarding, assessment, investigation, approval, and monitoring process.

Our highly secure, integrated technology platform not only creates an auditable record of the entire process, but provides valuable and easy-to-understand insight into your enterprise risk. It replaces manual processes and outdated software, and gives you a powerful web-based compliance management portal to manage all of your third-party activities.

Built on the platform, TDI Compliance Cloud's foundation is the most secure and robust in the industry.

TDI Compliance Cloud Requires no onsite technology hosting or management.

Localized in Over 16 Languages, TDI Compliance Cloud is Enabled with Automated Translation for Effective Collaboration.

Bringing Efficiency and Consistency to Third-Party Compliance Programs

When working in a global environment, language barriers can pose challenges and delays. Available globally in over 16 languages, TDI Compliance Cloud enables effective collaboration within your company and the third parties with whom you engage. In addition to localization, TDI Compliance Cloud automatically translates the responses in due diligence questionnaires from one language back into another for the compliance manager’s immediate review.

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